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Experience Italian hospitality and learn tips, techniques and history of the dishes we will be creating together

Classes include instruction, recipes, and a sit down meal where we can discuss and savour the flavours of Italy


Born in Vicalvi Italy, Giuliana was taught cherished family recipes and techniques that were handed down through the generations. For over 60 years, Giuliana has kept true to her Italian traditions and passion, believing that cooking not only provides nutrition, but most importantly is a vehicle to interact, share, and engage with others in an open, meaningful, and nurturing way.


This is so much more than a cooking class, this is an experience! Julie takes you on a complete journey; the origins and importance of the ingredients, the history of each dish and what these dishes mean to her and her family, how to prepare each dish and of course the best part- eating! I have taken several workshops with Julie and each one has been an incredibly  fun filled day of learning and absolutely amazing food.

Esther Steele

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